Premiere: Al Green – Everything Is Ok (Jozif’s Love International Rerubb)


With the sun at it's peak, it's searing rays glinted, reflected and bounced off the clear, azure blue waters, creating kaliedoscopic aquatic semblances on the sea. The revellers aboard the party boat soaked up the vitamins, and their ecstatic majesty gave the vessel it's own nautical rhythm. The waters were calm, but the delirious dancing from the Croatian crew mates gave the waters a sway and swing which belied the marine stillness. The skins were bronzing, the drinks were cold and the sweet sounds bounced from port to starboard. Everything was ok.

London DJ and producer jozif, renowned for his Fabric sets and his vinyl only imprint Fist Or Finger, will join Love International this summer over in Croatia. To celebrate that, the man has done a tasty re-rub of an Al Green track. Full of lovely looping string snatches, bouncing deep bass riffs and submerged filtered vox, at it's crescendo it shouts sunshine celebrations aside the Adriatic. All aboard.

Download the track:

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