Premiere: Aki Aki & Rasputin – Kit Plavaet V Okeane


The city sprung to life in the glow of the summer heat. Groups gathered down by the riverside to celebrate the orange glow and watch the water ripple delicately beneath the warm breeze. They would stay out late into the early hours of the morning taking in the ambience of a seasonal night, Music played loudly from cars parked nearby as onlookers watched eagerly on. 

Candomblé was introduced to us by a good friend in the form of Jan Schulte. Described as the new wave of artists in Düsseldorf he has entrusted good faith in the up and coming label. Their first EP sees them release three tracks from an array of producers, many of them new faces. Listen to Aki Aki & Rasputin's contribution below: 

Visit the Candomblé site HERE

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