Premiere: Air Space Ark – Loft In 7


Dust lingered upon the wooden frame of the ceiling, it was holding up a lifetime of memories under which a family had lived peacefully and happily for a dream or two. The loft was a seventh heaven of sorts, a strange place within which mystical things lurked and treasures were hidden beneath the ages of time. From old toys to decorations and ornaments, there were historical items which had amassed a legacy of experience and would one day be rediscovered by a brand new generation. For now they lay still, untouched and untampered. 

Air Space Ark is set to release a debut on Moonshoe Records, a beautiful release based upon dreamy pads and delicate melodies which blurs the lines somewhere between downtempo and ambient. "All Rivers Lead" is an elegant showcase of electronica in the present day. A great first offering. 

Listen below: 

Buy HERE from the 5th of June.