Premiere: Admin – Sancho Panza


One of the words that any of us hate to hear in our daily lives is 'admin'. A shudder runs from head to toe as we think about the soul-crushing combination of filing cabinets, staplers and fax machines. As our eyes roll and our shoulders slump, we go about these tasks with significantly less enthusiasm than the rest of our daily lives and feel all the more weary for undertaking them.

HOWEVER, there's a new form of admin that'll have you feeling much perkier and excitable as Admin has the ability to soothe all of your worries with his chilled out sounds. 'Sancho Panza' will turn thoughts of office monotony into visions of beaches, hula dancers and HUGE cocktails. The track fits into a various artists compilation EP, following on from a more experimental double LP, alongside sounds from Christian Jay, Ny*Ak, Contact Ronnie and Embezzlement Society which comes complete with artwork from Ellen Pearson. Let your mind drift away and give the world of Admin another chance, you won't be sorry;

BPLS001 is out via Banoffee Pies and has already sold out in vinyl form – hopefully there'll be more on the way soon! 'Banoffee Pies and Friends – Simple Things Warm Up' takes place on 23rd October at the Love Inn, Bristol – you can also catch them here.