Premiere: Aboutface – The Hazy Path To Misunderstanding


Faces are a peculiar thing, when you spend an hour or two of your life thinking about it. While we all have fairly similar bodies, on the mostpart, our faces are where the differences really show and there's more going on with our facial characteristics than any other part of our bodies. Faces are what we use to show every last little detail of our life – whether that be in the form of crow's feet, laughter lines or the fact that we had spaghetti bolognese for dinner last night.

That's why we reckon Aboutface is on to something good. Well, that and the fact that he's making some cracking music and we're very happy indeed to be bringing this new one from him your way. He's even been so kind as to share some words with us and describe his sound for you;

"My artist name is Aboutface, I'm a sound-artist, phonographist, sound-designer, painter and occasionally a musician. Using my name, this is how I would [currently] describe my 'sound' for the EP and upcoming album; for some entires I have included some formative musical influences to paint the picture an alternative way.

Atmosphere; the environment and all sound as music.

Boulez Concrète.

Open to the influence of non-western music.

Unconventional methods of music expression or creating modes.

Terry Riley.

For cold frosty mornings.

Atonal and tonal; utilising the spectrum of all harmony.

Conceptual – the nucleus of all my work is a feeling, message or an interpretation of environment.

Emotive – The conveyance of this feeling, message or interpretation of environment through tonality, dynamics and a sense of narrative."

Get a big ol' grin plastered on your face;

The Hazy Path To Misunderstanding is out on 19th October via Dark Matters.