Premiere: 2jack4U + Switchdance + Jerry The Cat – Anagrama De Solstício


The sun burned fiercely into their retinas, forcing beads of sweat to appear across their foreheads. The day had begun early in a bid to catch every ray possible, for the day after always seemed uncertain. Thick rain and grey clouds could replace blue skies and scorching heat in just 24 hours so you had to make the most of it. Now we holiday much closer to home…

As a way of empowering a small network of Portuguese artists during the Covid-19 lockdown, Máquinas Em Manobras was born as a collaborative multimedia project with the aim to connect artists during this difficult period. The project brought together 22 electronic music producers and 16 graphic/visual artists from around the country, which has culminated in a 14-track album that features different disciplines and aesthetic goals, with each track accompanied by a bespoke design which will be showcased via their new website below. 

Visit the website HERE. Artwork: Mr. Coofs.