Premiere: 11Schnull – Whistles Of Weezy

LBR-002 Cover

The metallic clunk of heavy machinery and the shudder of cogs echoed through the factory floors; the only sound that could be heard for miles and miles.

From the factories to the shops, from the restaurants to the call centres, machines were now in control of everything. Human’s purpose had long been defunct — they had less power, less speed, and what’s more, they acted out of turn. Robots did exactly as they were told, no questions asked.

To give you a taste of the sounds at the core of their imprint, Swiss label LBR Records have rounded up some of their roster for a 5-track VA that journeys through the finest electro, rave and techno. Amassing artists from across the globe, the release features music from York Hamza & Daao, who hail from Yerevan and Armenia, Copenhagen’s Rasmotron AKA Inspectah Scratch, East German producer Cyan85, Moscow-based sin:it:sin and Mantra Mantra boss 11schnull.