Passarella Death Squad – ‘Ghosts’ Ep


We're serving up a right treat for you today in the form of an exclusive stream of the upcoming Passarella Death Squad EP 'Ghosts'. Scheduled for release on 6th October, this latest offering from the finest death squad around consists of three magnificent tracks – each outlined below by the duo themselves;


Written about the notorious, hedonistic German dancer / actress Anita Berber, someone who challenged androgyny and drug addiction.


“The past is present, what's above is below”

Repetition, reverb, and ghostly melodies with a ratchet like looped synth. 

‘Something’s Burning’

‘Something’s Burning’ is the 3rd part of the instrumentals trilogy from our forthcoming album ‘Empire’.

You can listen to all 3 tracks right here, because we love you;