Free Download of Sano – Chupa!


From Medellín to the Uckermark then back to who knows where, but be sure your there, here´s another Cómeme travelogue for your badass Baedeker. A short time ago, Sano left his Colombian home to find himself in an old palace outside of Berlin, locked inside a dreamlike basement studio for two weeks alongside his new Cómeme collective. It was there,in this studio, that a blood pact was sealed. What occurred – and what you have right here, is the the second release (following Alejandro Paz`“Free“) to emerge from this Cómeme session that was held in this remarkable studio.

Fans across Europe have already had the chance to hear some versions of this EP over the summer when Cómeme toured across Europe. If you were there its likely and recall being twirled across the dancefloor by an amalgam of dark salsa, freestyle, disco and golden age latin house and by malicious claves and ostinato oddities – then it’s probably you were listening to Sano’s music. And if your favorite tracks from “Nickel Ride“(Cómeme 015) were “Quiero Bailar“ or “Que Rico“ – that was Sano too (together with co-conspirator Manu).