First View: The Oscillation – Flight Sequence


The Oscillation is one of the many aliases of Demian Castellanos, who makes underground psych-rock inspired by everything from drone and industrial to disco and funk. The fifth Oscillation album, titled U.E.F, is out next month on Fuzz Club Records, and finds him ditching the '-rock'  and embracing post-apocalyptic electronics. It's composed of two mammoth 20+ min tracks, and we're premiering the psychedelic journey into the unknown that is 'Flight Sequence'.

The video was directed by Antonio Curcetti, who was inspired by the 40th anniversary of the Voyager 1 and 2 space launch. "Demian wanted to visually explore the idea of expansion into the vastness of the universe," Curcetti explains, "and then he told me the title of the track was 'Flight Sequence'. It was just too perfect. 90% of the material I have manipulated through a video synth is originally from the Voyager project. I really couldn’t believe how much was available on the Internet."

Watch the video for 'Flight Sequence' below:

U.E.F is out 2nd March on Fuzz Club. Pre-order it here.

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