First View: Private Agenda – Dressed In Velvet

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The Berlin via London duo soundtrack a stroll against a suburban backdrop.

Last month marked the release of a second album from avant garde electronic come pop crossover musicians Private Agenda. Released on Lo Recordings, the album was titled “A Mannequin” and was described as being comprised of  “twelve tracks corresponding to twelve character traits, imagined as personalities in musical form.” 

The duo have released a broad back catalogue of material since they first formed having appeared on the likes of International Feel, Needwant and NuNorthern Soul. It is however, Lo Recordings were they have found perhaps found themselves to be most at home.


The new album was a step up for the pair and offered them the opportunity to challenge convention asking:

“What are the dichotomies that define us? Our seen and unseen selves, the façade and the fundamental, the real and the imaginary.”

Today the label revealed a new music video for a track taken from the album, a visual accompaniment for a track titled ‘Dressed In Velvet’

Watch below:

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