New label Oblivious Transfer explores the realms of digital, physical and technology


Oblivious Transfer is a brand new collective seeking to tell a story driven by music, using multiple formats in the physical and digital sphere to do so.

Started by a group of electronic producers, film directors, artists and programmers, the collective have already released two EPs from QNTM CTRL and Social Rhythm, with three more to be released very soon. Both were accompanied by comic strip artwork, the first from sci-fi concept artist Jake Lund-Davies (Rogue One, The Last Jedi), and the second from London street artist The Real Dill.

Each artwork is part of a series that represents a narrative over the course of five EPs, all of which will soon be available as NFTs too.


On top of the music and artwork releases, Oblivious Transfer are planning virtual and physical art exhibitions of works from the collective later this year, as well as the possibility of a VR home for the label and bonded tequila.

Keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come. Sneak peak of the comic for release number four by Alice Bloomfield, which is coming out soon, below…