First Listen: Petrels – Thangen After Dothe (King Unique Remix)


What does it take to make a man king? Sure, we may crown our kings based upon nothing more than what their heritage is yet surely it is up to the man himself to earn the prestigious title as a king upon men. Either that or he can simply bestow it upon himself, care very little about what enyone else thinks and quite simply run wild across the land.

There is no king quite like King Unique as he is a true master of his aural domain, highlighted by this rather intriguing remix of the latest sounds from London-based musician/illustrator Petrels. You'll find yourself going weak at the knees as you bend to bow or curtsy to your new audio ruler and there's not a darn thing you can do about it.

All hail the new king. Go on then, start hailing;

Flailing Tomb is out now on Denovali Records.