First Listen: Medlar – Loon


Inside each and every one of us there's a loon, desperately seeking freedom yet feeling so helplessly bottled up inside and unable to cause any of the havoc that would quench all sorts of destructive desires. Our loons are let free each and every time we indulge in any of our favoured vices such as alcohol and other, less commercially available products. Just look at Keith Moon, they didn't call him the loon for nothing!

Medlar has captured this reckless, unadulterated spirit and has – via the medium of music – found a way to spread it around to all of us without there being any danger of doing something stupid. This aural blast of creativity is set to let your inner loon just loose enough for you to have a good time but not so loose that you'll have to clean up afterwards.


WOLFEP030 is out now on WOLF Music