First Listen: Lord Of The Isles – Clearness Of Love


We've been told many times that it's possible to see clearly once the rain has gone yet, while the sun may be a valuable ally, it can't do quite as much for clearing everything up for you as the feeling of love can. Love can open doors, help you cross bridges and, so we're told, it's all you need. It brings with it a level of clarity that'll make you feel as though you've been colourblind your whole life, leading right up until the moment true love crosses your path.

Or some nonsense like that anyway, we've just been reading too many romance novels here at R$N Towers. What we do know, however, is that this new little ripper from Lord Of The Isles should get a nice comfy spot in your ears. Give it the love it so rightfully deserves and let it clear your mind right out;

Clearness Of Love is out on 23rd October via Permanent Vacation.