First Listen: Evangelist – Whirlwind Of Rubbish


If your Sunday nights have, like ours, been taken over by the televising of This Is England '90 for the past few weeks then there's a good chance that this is actually the second time you'll have heard this track as it featured on last night's episode in the scene where… Alright, we're not going to post any spoilers in here, promise, but we are going to give you the chance to listen to this beauty from Evangelist which popped up in last night's soundtrack.

The track is centred around the late Gavin Clark who tragically passed away earlier this year – fans of This Is England may well already be familiar with Clark's voice as his desolate cover of The Smith’s Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want plays over the credits of the original film. After Gavin's death, his friends and collaborators Pablo Clements and James Griffith – currently Toydrum, as well as being ex-UNKLE and Psychonauts – promised that they would carry out their Evangelist project in tribute and the record will be hitting the shelves in December, featuring contributions from Warren Ellis of Bad Seeds/Grinderman and composer Ludovico Eunaldi.

Here's your first taste of what to expect – time for the emotions to start flowing;

Evangelist is out on 11th December via Underscore Collective – pre-order your copy here.