First Listen: Emma De Séze – Spacio Cold (Richard Rossa Modular Edit)


We're getting further away from what's briefly referred to as summer here in London, and as such we're finding ourselves more and more often in cold spaces. And these cold spaces themselves grow in size, bleeding from the centre of wide Victorian squares at midnight down the wide main roads earlier and earlier, until it filters through alleys and floods the nooks around, ooh half five these days? And in homage, a theme, an anthem has been composed to this pervasive and brutal temperature. But this is just the start my friends. The worst is yet to come.

Richard Rossa, Italian synth-disco wizard and head of the Tom Tom Disco label, turns out a rhythmic, beat-focused remix of Emma De Seze's recent Spacio Cold. Plenty of syncopated cowbell and glowering synth flux beneath here, slightly restrained for Rossa which gives prominence to the rhythms and resulting in an infectious head-nodder.

Due out on 29th October, the release is available digitally and features remixes from other Tom Tom Disco names James Rod & TYf.