First Listen: Deltatron – Ego Trip


We all know that Peru is the BOOM capital of the world right? When any of us think about music that's going to effortlessly pound your ears into a blissful oblivion, the cities that come straight to mind are Lima and <remember to Google second Peruvian city, otherwise you'll look stupid>.

The Peru Boom compilation sees some of Peru's finest producers and DJs coming together to form a tropical bass scene unlike any you've ever come across before. This particular aural treat comes from Deltatron and sees your ears race away on the gushing winds of synthetic goodness, never to be seen again. Sure, in the short term you might miss not having any ears, but that would be selfish. Just think about how much fun they'll be having. Go on, let them free;

Peru Boom is out on 29th June via Tiger’s Milk Records/Strut Records.