First Listen: Chambers – 151 (Debacle Records)


Dull day in the office? In need of some depth to add meaning to your downtrodden Tuesday? Enter Chambers – experimental electronic duo that give us a first listen of their track '151' from the album Sigma Flare IIThe gents behind this are ex-Yellow Swans member Gabriel Saloman and Vancouver DJ/Producer Michael Red. After a fateful meeting, they have worked collaboratively recording music since 2012. Their sound is described as "experimental dub", and alludes to a mutual love of Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus' dub-influenced production, Rhythm & Sound. 'Sigma Flare II' is the final release from Chambers' inaugural sessions.

This monlith of a 10-minute track follows off where our premiere of Sigma Flare I began late last year. Chambers dexterously display their skills at maneuvering a genre which could easily have descended into disorganised ambience.

Listening to '151' is to be slowly enveloped in a lush environment of guitar riffs, sonic textures and dub basslines. This ain't just a track, but a narrative – and the scope of its story is epic. There's a thoughtful play of melodies (light and dark) that gives the project an emotional core, and a soundscape that manages to turn gracefully between urban sprawl and rural environments. As you slow dive through the musical landscape, you'll realise how expansive and detailed the whole project is, and it's good. Listen below:

The whole DBL100 project, including the album Sigma Flare II, will be released in full May 27th, 2016 via Debacle Records. You can pre-order a copy here

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