First Listen: Boys Noize – Strictly Raw Vol.1 Lp


You can wait around for hours for a single track to come your way but then, all of a sudden, nine come at once. We've got aural nontuplets from German electronic producer and DJ Boys Noize to share with you in the form of his double EP Strictly Raw Vol. 1 which has just been released into the world via his Boysnoize Records (BNR) label.

There are collaborations galore with Tiga, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and plenty of others contributing to the release. Here's what Mr Noize himself had to say about his latest aural venture;

"The idea of the Strictly Raw Vol 1. release is to take 1 drum machine + 1 or 2 synths and make a track with it. Over the last year friends came in and out of my studio and sometimes we end up jaming on my machines. Since it’s #BNR10YR I wanted to collect the good ones and put them all together and there is some serious magic going on 🙂 As a DJ you always look out for these timeless house or techno music and here are 8 tracks that go from breaks to techno to acid to classic house, all analog, all strictly raw!"

So get yourself strapped in and enjoy the ride;

Strictly Raw Vol. 1 is out now digitally and on wax via Boysnoize Records.