First Listen: Automat – Ir3535


The co-ordinates had been entered into the navigation system and soon they would be ready to enter hyperspace. The craft upon which the mission would take place was simply named 'IR3535'. Little more information had been given as to its previous voyages into outer space however one had to assume that it was well versed in both flight and stability. Only time would tell as to how fit it would be for purpose upon this voyage. As they sat in the cockpit they gazed outwards into the blackness unknown. The stars flickered in the mystical night sky. Somewhere, home on earth, people were waking up to another day, but for now they must forget that that was a million miles away. 

Mille Feuilles are set to release a new compilation on the 30th of September. The project acts as a representation of the record label and showcases those frequently featured, close friends and newly signed artists. Across twelve tracks you will find a range of electronic experimentation and craftmanship. Etienne Jaumet, Molecule and The Populists all appear, however, it is a track by Automat which we present to you for an exclusive first listen: 

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