First Listen: Aron Ottignon – Waves


Way back when we were kids the very best thing you could do for a family holiday was to head down to the beach with your bucket and spade in hand. There was none of this sunbathing lark, we'd simply go about making our sandcastles in between bouts of one of the most fun activities ever created – jumping the waves. We're not talking anything classy like, just those tiddlers that came up to your childhood knees and got the hem of your super-cool T-shirt slightly damp.

It seems that Aron Ottignon's type of 'Waves' are a fair bit more sophisticated and are considerably easier on the ear. Though we may not be at the beach we're still having a whale of a time and we reckon you'll ease into these sounds rather nicely indeed;

Aron Ottignon's Waves EP is out on 6th November.