First Listen: Alarmist – Safarisogood


When someone takes it upon themselves to do something clever with the name of their track it takes away from this bit where we try and be really obscure, obtuse and hopefully somewhere on the hilarious spectrum. Still, we can't fault Alarmist for labelling this slice of math-rock (yes, this is what rock has come to apparently) as 'Safarisogood' and in truth we're just jealous that they thought of it.

They've even gone for top press shots by just posing eating bread, lets see more DJs taking photos of themselves eating basic foods – it could lead for a stream of spaghetti-based intrigue. But that's about enough of our waffling, there's a lot of "jazz-infused math-rock, warped experimental pop melodies and brutalist slabs of pulsing electronics" to be had so go give this a spin;

Popular Demain is out on 2nd November via Small Pond Recordings.