Eartheater shares new single ‘Below The Clavicle’ for PAN


New York based artist, musician and choreographer Eartheater has revealed her new single ‘Below The Clavicle’ on PAN, which follows the 2018 album IRISIRI.

The single follows the Queens-based artist's self-released 'Trinity' mixtape on her own Chemical X label in 2019, and brings together dulcet yet dissonant vocals layered over beautiful violin strings and flute notes.

Speaking about the release, Eartheater said: “I wrote ‘Below the Clavicle’ when I was waiting to understand more about a situation before talking about it — when the meaning was still below the clavicle and hadn’t made it up to my head yet. The understanding was still underground — forging in my heart and gut. In my upcoming album, I thought a lot about lava and volcanoes and the formation of stone and mountains.”

Eartheater has previously released music on Hausu Mountain and Custom Made Music, and is known for her three-octave vocal range and experiments with digital production.