Premiere: Soos – Cool Sbu

5 Minute Read

Excellent deep grooves from a label synonymous with quality – Mule Musiq.

The waters were shallow and warm, the waves moved slowly and softly. Down by the river there were a few stray souls who had gathered to take in the glow of the morning and observe the peace before the chaos of the day unfolded.

Some called this the magic hour, magical it was.

In the distance they watched as the boats began to ready themselves in the harbour – they would not return until sunset later that day and what they’d uncover or discover out on the rough, dirty waters was anyones guess.

For now it was simply a time to take a deep breath, observe the cool breeze and listen to the sounds of nature.


This one landed in the inbox a few weeks back and has been on repeat ever since. A dreamy, melodic affair channeling the best elements of downtempo, trip hop, acid, house and everything in between. A really well balanced record which has a little bit of everything we like. Soos is relatively new on our radar but that all changes now.

Listen below: