PREMIERE: Vague Imaginaires – Les Sueurs de l’Orage

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“Anchored in the real world to better escape it.” Vague Imaginaires collaborates with marginalised individuals;


In the world of sound and song, where hearts entwine,  Vague Imaginaires, with melodies divine,
He weaves the tales of those unseen, unheard, The homeless souls, with stories untransferred.

Les Sueurs de l’Orage, through stormy skies they tread,  Psychiatric patients, where thoughts are often thread,
In their struggles, they find a voice, profound, Within the notes, their inner worlds resound.

Refugees, displaced in lands unknown, Seeking solace, in the music softly sown,
Versatile records, the canvas they employ,  To share their pain, their hopes, their joy.

With each chord struck, and every lyric penned,  These marginalized souls, they find a friend,
In Vague Imaginaires’ world, they’re not ignored, Their melancholic experiences, now adored.

For music has the power, to heal and to restore, To bridge the gaps, to open every door,
In the embrace of these verses, we all unite, To listen, to empathise, to see their light.



Vague Imaginaires collaborates with marginalised individuals; the homeless, psychiatric patients, social workers and refugees, infusing his music with their melancholic experiences. Blending melodies and synthesizers with the everyday sounds of life, his music transforms the mundane into a dreamlike world, like flying in a dream.

“Crickets in a palm grove, rain on a barn, freshly cut pieces of wood clicking, spring water running on froth, birds in the meadow, coal clattering on a fire, thunder on the lake, soft waves on the beach. These enchanting sounds that make places what they are.”

We’re premiering lead track Les Sueurs de l’Orage.

Listen below: