Premiere: SSSLIP – Breka Fir

5 Minute Read

Bouncy Bass music from SSSLIP.

Stood tall, the fierce old tree had been there for many years and seen the comings and goings of the youth who had sat beneath its branches.

Many a night it had watched as the darkness fell and the streetlights flickered between the gaps of the dense green pine leaves. It knew things that those who walked beneath did not. It had seen things that those who walked beneath had not.

One day it would be gone too.

If trees could talk we’d all be long gone.


SSSLIP self releases a three track EP rooted in experimental Bass music. Off kilter, bouncy drums are paired with deep moving pads and glitchy samples which make for an intriguing, moody release destined to soundtrack dark basements and bus rides home all over.

Listen below: