Premiere: Secret Circuit – Light In The Sand (Andrei Rusu’s Prickly Ash Remix)

5Minute Read

An elegant remix creates a wonderful sense of weightlessness.

Wandering through the forest he could here little but for the occasional chirp of birds nestled in the trees up above him. It were as if he was shrouded beneath some dense green sky in which wild colours and tones flourished in the glint of the sun and the shadows which fell from above.

This could be magic. Perhaps it was…

He wandered atop soft moss, taking one step at a time, being careful not to lose sight of the path upon which he tread ever so carefully.

There was magic here alright, that was certain.


Secret Circuit is sensationally remixed by Andrei Rusu who reworks the music into something wonderful and delicate, pieced together by flurries of arpeggios and loving melody from an otherworldly piano.

Listen below: