Premiere: Seagoth -Methuselah (Maps Remix)

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Maps Remix

Resolutely optimistic and melancholic electronic symphonic beauty from Maps on the Seagoth remix.

In the realm of extraordinary lives, there existed a person named Elysia. Blessed with an inexplicable longevity, Elysia defied the boundaries of time, living for nine centuries. Yet as the years marched on, an insidious anxiety crept into their soul. Witnessing the cyclical nature of existence, the rise and fall of civilizations, and the inevitability of loss weighed heavily on Elysia’s heart. The burden of accumulated memories grew overwhelming, eclipsing the joy of longevity. With each passing day, Elysia longed for the simplicity of mortal existence, where moments were fleeting but cherished. Their extraordinary longevity proved to be a paradox, a testament that even immortality cannot shield one from the ravages of anxiety.



Maps (aka James Chapman) has worked his magic on ‘Methuselah’, the latest single from the Liverpool trio Seagoth. Chapman, who records for legendary imprint Mute, has delivered a stunning and emotional remix of the original New Age-inflected indie-rock track. Layers of euphoric synths are set alongside epic drums, while snatches of Georgia Ochoa’s powerful vocal sing out as the track builds and builds into a resolutely optimistic and melancholic electronic symphony that fans of Maps will know and love.

“I am a big fan of Seagoth so I was delighted to be asked to remix ‘Methuselah’,” says James. “It is a beautifully melodic and mysterious track, and I was instantly drawn to how the original song felt like a constant ‘push’, until the uplifting resolution in the outro. I took this as inspiration for where I went with my remix. I wanted to keep this sense of a journey, which then resolves into a huge and uplifting feeling of joy. Georgia’s vocals are so deeply emotional and enigmatic, and they really are the heart of the remix. I really enjoyed working on this!”

The Maps remix is available digitally in all the usual places, including Bytes Bandcamp

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