Premiere: Ariel Zetina – Grappling Hook

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Doll Support_ArielZetina_LoveChild_MAIN SQUARE

Fast paced and furious with double the bounce for your ounce.

The cage was surrounded, eyes stared from all corners. They wanted blood as the sweat dripped from the ceiling.

It was hot as hell as the dance began, one by one they took it in turns to enter the circle, before profiling their figures and rounding it off with a hot step and a walk away.

This was the grand arena, perhaps the grandest of them all. Within it were those brave enough to exist freely, for they might be caged but it was for the good of the outside world rather than themselves.

They represented ideas and visions too big to comprehend, as the world wrapped itself up, latched upon some sort of grappling hook, they simply danced on.


Ariel Zetina is set to release a new EP on Josh Caffe’s Love Child Records – a killer record packed with high energy Bass workouts and frenetic samples.

Listen below: