Premiere: Ravelston – In The Shadow Of The Oleander

5 Minute Read

Ravelston releases a new EP on the Berlin based record label Natural Positions.

There was dense thick greenery upon the hillside. Scattered in amongst the growth were little flowers which danced here and there – peacefully and softly against a wild backdrop of deep green. He was sat in the park down below, watching and wondering about why it was that he was here and not some place else in a different time. Sometimes it seemed as though he was the odd one out – a little bit wild in an otherwise mundane world.

In the shadow of the oleander he pondered these things – trying to piece together the what and why of his very being for it made no sense and seemed so impossible to unravel from within its own chaos.

At least the sun was out, that was something, that was nice…


Ravelston is set to release a new record on Natural Positions, the Edinburgh via Bristol producer takes us on a journey through wild Balearic sounds and psychedelic textures which lead forth into another place.

Listen below: