Premiere: RALPH – Lucid

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North London-based producer and Reprezent Radio DJ RALPH, delves into the depths with an intricate, breaks-heavy future anthem.

In the heart of the ancient forest, a community of druids thrived under the guidance of their wise leader, Ralph. With their deep connection to nature, they harnessed the power of the land to weave spells that protected their realm. One fateful night, a vivid and lucid dream swept through the forest, foretelling an impending darkness that would engulf their home.

Ralph convened the druids to decipher the dream’s cryptic message. As they meditated, the forest responded with whispers, revealing that a malevolent force sought to drain the life essence of the land. Determined to thwart this threat, Ralph and his druids embarked on a journey to gather the rare and powerful components needed to cast a protective spell.

Ralph led his companions through treacherous terrain and faced formidable challenges. They channelled their innate magic through their shared connection and Ralph’s leadership, fusing their energies into a potent incantation. The spell enveloped the forest, repelling the darkness and preserving the realm’s harmony. Ralph’s lucid understanding of the dream had saved their sacred home, affirming the druids’ unbreakable bond with the land.


North London-based producer and Reprezent Radio DJ RALPH, delves into the depths through his dark and emotive palette. With a background in filmmaking – he was part of Boiler Room’s eponymous events imprint – he’s worked alongside notable artists. Lockdown led RALPH to craft introspective music, reflecting on the contrast between the once-thriving electronic scene and the pandemic-induced creative isolation. The resulting TIME EP merges narrative-driven electronica, influenced by his directorial pursuits.

We’re premiering the lead cut Lucid, an intricate breaks heavy future anthem.

RALPH’s ‘Time’ EP is 28th September.

Listen below: