Fett Burger & Cato Canari get Balearic on new EP

5 Minute Read

The 18th outing on Sex Tags UFO sees the pair team up for a triple threat of ‘Para Siempre’ versions.

Dj Fett Burger continues in the spirit of collaboration – this time teaming up with Cato Canari, a Norwegian DJ and producer based in Tokyo. The two have worked together to record three versions of a track titled ‘Para Siempre’ which is a homage to the sunsets in Ibiza, Balearic dreams and late nights all over.

Keeping this in mind they have recorded three alternate cuts, each representing a slightly different narrative or story belonging to the island. Be it the late night parties, exotic Euro Raves or sun kissed Balearic mornings at the beach.


This is the 18th outing on Sex Tags UFO, the record label run by Dj Fett Burger which has remained consistent in its pursuit of abstract, electronica. This one is available on vinyl now in all good record stores.