Premiere: Papa Nugs – 145 In A Ford Escort (Vocal Cut)

5 Minute Read

Fast paced and full of pizzazz – this one is destined for the dance.

The lights were but a blur from the window as they roared down the M1 in the pissing rain. Horns blared and the occasional squeal of brakes was all that could be heard over the pounding from the car stereo. Everything inside the motor was banging and rumbling beneath the strain as they drove onwards into the darkness as fast as they could.

They’d probably never get away with it – at least they’d tried. What was it? A stolen motor careering up the highway in the dead of night on a Tuesday? Of course it was, a Ford Escort to say the least, hitting 145 with the most brutal pedal to the metal in the glow of the orange floodlights.

In the distance they could hear the sirens coming, it would all be over soon, up in flames in the back end of nowhere as they ran into the darkness.


Papa Nugs is set to self release a new EP which can only be described as being ‘no holds barred’. We are talking hair raising dancefloor pumpers reminiscent of old Techno raves, Dance Mania bangers and all of that other good stuff which happened in between.

Listen below: