Premiere: Oliver – Melt

5 Minute Read

Emotive electronic music from Oliver on Mantissa on a well rounded EP.

It was cold out here in the middle of nowhere. The stars were bright and glistening against a deep, murky, black backdrop as if the sky was acting as some sort of stage upon which they might dance and shimmer.

The boat continued to move over the water, drifting softly and slowly onwards through the night. It was deadly silent but for the occasional ripple of water.

Perhaps this was what serenity truly felt like?

He began to melt slowly away, much like the cold and the ice which surrounded them on all sides as they moved onwards through the passageway. One day all of this would be a distant memory, a nostalgic reflection of an exhibition through the North.

For now it was simply a case of absorbing each breath, taking in the cold abyss and melting away.


Oliver is set to release a new EP on the prominent Mantissa – the well versed record label come mix series come editorial outlet has grown from strength to strength over the years and is making great strides.

This EP is a well rounded assortment of pensive, moody, delicate electronics which are as much for solitary listening as they are dancing.

Listen below: