Premiere: Lorca – True Colour

5 Minute Read
LIVE007 Artwork

Driving, pulsating Electronics from a crafty producer with a penchant for hardware.

The underpass was illuminated by a blaze of glorious colours which cascaded and danced in the reflection of the dashboard. The car was smoke filled and warm – it had been a long night out and about on the streets. This was the point at which they switched off – dialled in to the radio and forgot about the perils and misfortunes of the everyday.

Their true colours emerged at night, beneath the blackness, when they were able to take off their suits and their ties and pretend to be something else entirely.

As they whizzed through the tunnel and back out into the cityscape – they each took a deep breath and began to inhale the air of freedom.


Lorca has been steadily producing music for well over a decade. His sound has evolved and developed, much as the world has around him. His more recent material has seen him focus particularly on the use of machinery to develop new sounds and textures and expand his palette. This new EP is forthcoming on his own Live Ones imprint and is an exciting new direction for an immensely talented producer.

Listen below: