Premiere: La Serpiente – You Are Dreaming! (Elena Colombi Remix)

5 Minute Read

A strange downtempo stomp from Elena Colombi on remix duties.

The thoughts floated in and out, images danced atop an empty screen as the voices echoed and cried with great whimsy and wonder. These were the moments of wild dreams, a place in which the most careless and most reckless fantasies roamed as the limits and shackles of society were removed.

Anything might exist up here for anything could.

Wandering from room to room of the empty house, there were strange visions and moments to be found within each. Some were haunting whilst others were wildly euphoric like the stuff of a delicate fantasy.

Who knew which door might lead where and what lay behind each?


La Serpiente remixed by Elena Colombi. Now this is a combination we can get behind, this one sounds like something out of a sophisticated art noire film, a horror of sorts with wandering melodies and echoes atop a stomping repetitive kick.

Listen below: