Premiere: Kassian – No Clear Shape (Gina Breeze Remix)

5 Minute Read

Bouncy, energetic electronics on Faux Poly as Kassian invite remixers galore.

The flickering, the flashing of the lights. They disorientated everything and left little to the imagination to grasp onto in this realm. Where were they? How had they got here? It were as if the world had no clear shape…

In the dark corners of the room everything was fluid, no beginning and no end. For all they knew they were in some limitless multiverse no longer bound by time or the rigid constructs which had held them all back.

The music played more loudly as they progressed further and further into the depths of the experience. It was hard to imagine that they might ever find a way back now.

Perhaps it was all for the best…


Kassian are on an absolute roll. Big release after big release the duo seem to have a perfect understanding of what works best in the clubs at present. Next upon on Faux Poly comes a collection of remixes from friends who have been invited to reimagine their material. The track we have picked to feature is an energetic, frenetic cut which bounces and swings with palpable tension, a remix from Gina Breeze.

Listen below: