Premiere: Terrace – Thermon

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Terrace-FULL EP ART – OnyxBlack

Electronic explorations from one of Europe’s pioneers of Techno & IDM.

The machine was flickering and flashing with a sense of urgency unlike that of which he had ever seen before. It were as if the mechanics of the great system were turning against the very engineer whom had crafted it. There had always been rumours that this might happen one day but never had he expected that it might be so wild and so violent in its disruption.

All around him fires blazed, the smell of smoke hung in the air as the whizzing and chirping of overheating electronics fizzed and rattled in his ears.

Soon this place would be long gone, the pressure would simply cause it to combust, leaving nothing but for the faint trace of a new humanity in the wake. Once a magical hub of creativity and promise, soon the laboratory would be a place haunted by horrid tales and abandonment.


Terrace is a bit of an underground hero – responsible for releasing some of the most innovative and exciting takes on Techno, IDM, Electro and beyond. Over the years he has released music on iconic labels such as Djax Up Beats and Delsin, as well as on his own imprint Eevo Lute.

Now he delivers a collection of futuristic sounding tracks with a nod to Detroit for Cyphon Recordings – a label which is growing from strength to strength.

Listen below: