Premiere: Helium Robots – Pure Lost

5 Minute Read

Helium Robots make an exciting return with the release of a new EP on Unsure.

There were a number of memories of which he felt to be missing, one day he hoped that they might return. There were faces and shadows which he could not recall, places he was sure he had been but could not place and moments in time he was not sure had been his.

He wanted to believe and know them all, as if he’d known them to be true and real all along. He wanted to feel the way in which they’d felt – that rush of whimsical nostalgic energy which left him longing to go back.

It seemed as though it was at the very edge of his fingertips – just out of reach. Out there in the great beyond.

Perhaps he was pure lost…


Helium Robots return with new music – a welcome treat. Following previous outings on the likes of Dissident and Running Back they now steady their sights on a new record on Unsure.

Listen below: