Premiere: Echo Juliet – Red Sun

5 Minute Read

Birmingham-based artist Emily Jones, also known as Echo Juliet, releases her debut mini-album “Abandon Reality” on October 27th through her label, Invisible IDs.


Invisible IDs, a mystery to decode, Echo Juliet, with a Red Sun she rode, Through the cosmos, where the music flowed, A whimsical journey, down a creative road.

Invisible IDs, their secrets well-kept, Echo Juliet, never ceased to be adept, With beats and rhythms, she happily leapt, In a world of sound, where dreams were swept.

Red Sun painted skies in hues so bold, Echo Juliet’s melodies, a story to be told, Invisible IDs’ magic, a treasure to behold, A surreal symphony, in this tale of old.


Raised in Essex, Jones she transitioned from her classical training into the world of the electronic.  A journey, marked by self-doubt, led her to DJing and music production. “Abandon Reality” reflects her escape from societal issues, with tracks like “Red Sun” inspired by her childhood and concerns about climate change.

Listen below: