Premiere: Dåser – Lizard In The Stream

5 Minute Read

Irish label Reasons To Dance hit the floor with a new EP from co-founder Dåser.

As they travelled down the long winding river, they left everything that they knew behind. This was to be the journey of a lifetime, a voyage like no other, into the unknown, into the abyss.

Their small boat weaved and floated atop chaotic waves and tides, between jagged rocks and pointed shores.

Yet, they were nimble and agile, like a lizard in the stream.

They would simply go on and on, until they found peace in the great beyond.


Reasons To Dance are set to release a new EP from co founder Dåser who holds no punches on a fast paced, glitched out EP which channels elements of Bass and Techno and features a killer remix from Sputnik One. Listen to ‘Lizard In The Stream’ below: