Premiere: Blake Reyes – At Night (Acid Bass Instrumental)

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PREMIERE: Blake Reyes – At Night (Acid Bass Instrumental) [Axis Records]

Do we hear the sound of a long-lost Underground Resistance b-side?

In the realm of Blake Reyes, in a starry night’s embrace, An acid bass, in its mystic grace, sets the cosmic pace. Instrumental beats, in this wondrous space, [Axis Records] provides a place where dreams interlace.

With every note, the universe takes flight, Underneath the moon’s silvery light. In Blake’s world, it’s a celestial rite, As the acid bass keeps the night so bright.

With music that dances and takes its chance, Blake Reyes weaves a magical trance. In this realm of sound, where spirits prance, [Axis Records] offers a cosmic dance.


Blake Reyes releases debut album, “Vernacular,” on Axis Records on October 27, 2023, personally supervised by Mr Jeff Mills as part of the “Axis Jazz” collection.

Blending jazz, electronic, and funk influences and recorded in Milan, Bologna, and Rome with Mills present. We’re premiering the instrumental of At Night, which sounds like remnants of a long-lost Underground Resistance b-side.

Listen below and pre-order here: