Premiere: Bianca Oblivion, Sam Binga & Fox – Sweatboxx Party (Dj Polo Remix)

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Bianca Oblivion, Sam Binga & Fox – Sweatboxx Party

Energetic club material on Pineapple from a strong crew.

The room was crowded and hot, the fans had broken a long time ago and now all that was left was a warm residual, sticky kind of heat. It was dark and foggy inside, faces flickered and flashed before his eyes but he could not place the features. The music banged loudly and curtains were hung thick over any gap in the buildings framework so as to prevent the rumble outside.

This was one of those kind of parties, a sweatbox party, a hot and heavy mess.

People weave in and out, moved and meandered from space to space, letting loose from the relentless melancholy of the outside world and all of its pressures.

It dripped from the ceiling, the taste and scent of fun.


Dj Polo is invited to remix Bianca Oblivion, Sam Binga & Fox. This track is a club banger, with pumping gritty vocals and a rumbling bassline to boot.

Listen below: