Premiere: Bawrut – Que Quiere Usted

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First single Que Quiere Usted from Bawrut’s new EP RAQS is streaming here with mesmerising clap patterns augmented by Bawrut’s trademark sparse, bouncy, synth lines.

Deep in the realm of Elador, an ancient tome lay hidden within the Whispering Forest. Legends spoke of its power to unlock forbidden secrets. The brave sorcerer, Bawrut, embarked on a treacherous quest to find it. Guided by ethereal whispers, he deciphered the cryptic runes and uttered the incantation, “Que Quiere Usted ,Ransom Note.” In a blinding flash, the book materialised before him. Its pages whispered forgotten spells, offering unimaginable power. Bawrut’s heart raced with anticipation as he absorbed its knowledge. With newfound mastery, he weaved spells that wove tapestries of light and shadow, forever changing the fate of Elador.


The mighty Bawrut returns to Ransom Note Records with his incredible new record, Raqs EP. The follow-up to his debut album, In The Middle, our Man In Madrid discharges four weapons-grade club monsters.

“Raqs means dance or dancing in Arabic. The need for dance in our society and its act of liberation is the focus of this new EP, where I explore a beloved place like the Mediterranean sea, mixing Arabic voices and Latin American rhythms, stabs, trance and flamenco.”

First single Que Quiere Usted is streaming here, entering the fray with mesmerising clap patterns that grow and evolve throughout the track, augmented by Bawrut’s trademark sparse, bouncy, synth lines.

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