Premiere: Addison Groove – 160 Cowbells

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In Addison Groove’s wild domain, 160 Cowbells played, insane.

In Addison Groove’s wild domain, 160 Cowbells played, insane.
On Worst Behavior, they did prance, Dinging and donging in a merry dance.

No rhyme or reason, just a crazy clatter, Cowbells ringing, what’s the matter?
A musical riot, a topsy-turvy show, Their melodies went to and fro.

In jumbled tunes and disarray, They ruled the night and ruled the day.
Addison’s streets filled with the sound, Cowbells echoing all around.

So if you visit that mystical land, Embrace the chaos, take a hand.
Join the madness, don’t be shy, In Addison Groove, let nonsense fly!


Worst Behavior Recs release the final volume, Worst Behavior, Vol. 4 on August 18th. Curated by Anna Morgan and Bell Curve, the compilation boasts 16 tracks of forward thinking bass and breaks from all over this globe Since its inception in 2017, Worst Behavior Recs has championed the bass underground, with this worldwide instalment they unite producers of hard-hitting snaking techstep, R&B-meets-rave and dreamier vibes to boot.

Future sound system music, let’s go. We’re premiering the juke/jungle fusion of Addison Groove’s 160 Cowbells

Listen below: