We Actually Like…#5


Blanck Mass – White Math

This came out in August but it's too huge for me to stifle my delayed appreciation any longer. It comes from Benjamin John Power (one half of Andrew Weatherall-produced ambient/noise duo Fuck Buttons) who has also released a magnificent self-titled debut under this name. But this 12'' split (on Daniel Lopatin's label – of Oneohtrix Point Never/Ford & Lopatin fame) gravitates in mesmerising new-world-order fashion towards a less ambient, more beat driven exosphere- no wonder Underworld put him in the opening ceremony playlist, definitely could have used this in the closing ceremony rather than a Coldplay marathon (fantastically dubbed the 'Coldplague' by Geoff Barrow) an evil I wouldn't wish on anyone. Luckily this provides ample, stratospheric absorption that's likely to aid a recovery from that all too recent direness. (Tim)

Jeanette Thomas – Shake Your Body off the wonderful 'Various – 122 BPM: The Birth Of House Music' comp on Still Music.

It's cheating because it's not new, it's from 1987, but this slice of house music perfectly displays the join between boogie and house music that occurred in the mid 80s. It's a hot mess of noisy, soulful weirdness with more energy than a kangaroo on a meth bender. (Joe)

Capracara – Ronin – Forthcoming UTTU – YouTube

"Runnnnnnn tune!? This is gonna fuck my shit up on the treadmill." esqueeezy on youtube
Mine too equeezy… Ah Capracara… R$N loves you fkkin with genres again and turning out what can only be described as massive crossover material in the form of Ronin. 'The bass crowd will be hammering this' alongside your Bicep types. You know, that bass crowd who play that sort of housey, bassey sounding crossover stuff.  Originally appearing on the ace Adriatica mix Mr Burnip dropped for us earlier in the year this is a stone cold banger, plain and simply and we salute you Jonnny. Decent video n' all. (Wil)

AnimalZOO – 1000 Spacecolours

"Sorry, going for two this week because my personality is split all over the place this week… AnimalZOO is a side project of one of our favourite dance hippies, Lanny May. Dance hippy eh? Sounds like if Four Tet decided to make prog house with Mouse On Mars and Minotaur Shock… or something. In fact, I don't have a clue what it sounds like other than itself… but I love it.  (Wil, again… sorry)