We Actually Like…#20


Omar S – Income Tax Refund Dance

A topical number for all you self employed folks out there, as we come to the dreaded time of the year where the tax return starts to loom large. There is a lot of po faced attitude around Detroit techno, with it often  framed as the more cerebral, high brow cousin to Chicago house, so it's nice to have a bit of humour both in the title, and the vibe. Oh, and it's a fucking good tune, too. (Joe)


Dan Avery – Drone Logic (Factory Floor Gabe Gurnsey remix) 
As I slip back into the cold, grey monotony of London life and away from the heat and saccharine fuelled Burmese pop music that populated every overnight bus journey my ears turned glacial like towards this dark, brooding beauty of a Factory Floor remix of the flawless Drone Logic from the ever excellent Dan Avery. Not quite enough to really to hear how it fully explodes but the anticipation alone has got me excited enough to extol positivity on it in this column. MUSIC IS GOOD.  (Wil)
Theo Parrish – The Twin Cities EP 

With an A-side of 12:17 and a B-side of 15:05, it's reassuring to know that in this day and age, Theo Parrish is still given the license to be so indulgent with his monged-out chugging.  Phil Weeks' Robsoul provide the platform for Theo this time… different from their usual peak-time dancefloor territory, so on the face of it, surprising; but actually, you can put good money on the fact that Phil Weeks will have enjoyed getting stoned with this on in the background, and to be fair, who wouldn't? (Mike)

Good all-round release, this – the Thermopyles EP courtesy of Rue De Plaisance.  A few different artists on here… my fave is probably Day by Day by Ivano Tetelepta & Alex Jansen, which is a nice combination of crude percussion and lush melody… the pervading theme throughout the release.

Golden Teacher – Dante & Pilgrim (Optimo Music)

A collaboration between a noise punk trio ‘Ultimate Thrush’ and analogue house duo ‘Silk Cut’. As you’d expect it’s no pleasant and polite sojourn; vocals which sound like an intensely aggravated Jacques Dutronc with semblances of Alan Vega in the erratic yelps, dominated sonically by inflamed, corrosive, serrated pulsation. A villainous punk in shark-like snarl deafening you for seven minutes. Fucking ‘N’AAWWWWWWWWWW’ (Tim)