We Actually Like…#19


Trade EP

She Works The Long Nights is rapidly cementing its position as one of the best labels in contemporary electronic music, with this latest 12" of uncompromising techno from Trade sure to add to the well-deserved hype. The coupling of veteran Surgeon and relative new-comer Blawan is an inspired union, providing proper peak-time techno, a style that's becoming increasingly hip at the moment. But there's little reason to complain if its popularity results in releases of this calibre. (Patrick)

Pepe Bradock Imbroglios 3/4

Latest instalment from PB due out next week and sounding just as weird as ever. All the tracks on the EP are good, I get the feeling we'll be hearing a lot of them over the next few months and I must say, I'm happy about that. Weirdo's win again. (Joe)


Motion Sickness of Time Travel – The Chord and the Centre (The Perennials EP, Boomkat Editions)

The music of Rachel Evans (like that of Liz Harris’ Grouper) seems to frequent the unconscious; loops, drones and spaced synthwork that emanates from some untapped vacuum. Like the material from last year’s sublime self-titled LP, it recalls Sensations Fix and Tangerine Dream, moving in the same hypnotic vortex. (Tim)
Joseph Hammer – I Love You, Please Love Me Too (Part I)
Going back a bit in the PAN discography, before Lee Gamble, Heatsick et al. Hammer's polyphonic flitters that come in and out of range, with initial, incomplete fragments of French and what sounds like a Sam Cooke descant. Like a stylus that’s come to the end of its course and is stuck in repetition, eventually impeded by all kinds of accompaniments of outside interference from near and distant speakers; a serene sonic bustle that oddly concords. (Tim)