We Actually Like…#18


Maxmillion Dunbar – Woo

Early January, residual haze of post-new year indulgence; a time when you can still feel the last sorry drops of alcohol leaking out of your pores as you remain shamefully indolent. Luckily this release from Maxmillion Dunbar (Future Times label, one half of Beautiful Swimmers) withholds a wondrous flux of slightly stuttering, clapping pads reinvigorated by rushes of  limpid shimmer; a rehabilitating dose of optimistic atmosphere that might be enough to vanquish any defeatist hangover-slump. Or hopefully at least keep a vague, precarious consciousness until the New Year’s dog days come to an end. Blurgh. Happy New Year though. (Tim)

M.F.S.B – Mysteries of the World

Heard this track for the first time on NYE on a clean sound system, it sounded great. It's written and produced by Dexter Wansel, so you'd expect it to. A minor masterpiece as old as myself that somehow passed me by. (Joe)

Lawrence – Kulama & Oolong High

Stumbled across this quite late on Pampa – two tracks from Lawrence,who I don't know from Adam, but what I do know is that they are both brilliant scene-setters, best played at the very start of a warm up set where the audience is merely the bar staff and your enterouge, if you're cool enough to have one.

Oolong High and Kurama are both as mysterious and sinister as each other. (Mike)